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Spacious and comfortable, the best facilities Spacious and comfortable, the best facilities We have professional body composition measuring equipment, and the spaciousness and the latest state-of-the-art facilities enhance the enjoyment of exercise and the quality of life.
Systematic and professional training Systematic and professional training Customized training is provided by a number of trainees who have completed specialized training after systematic and specialized equipment.
Best Service Best Service Through the 1: 1 customer management system and equipment provided by professional trainers and managers, we have enhanced our customers' satisfaction with services such as posture, figure analysis, body composition, blood pressure check, and various exercise programs.

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Spinning room Spinning room There are 100 sports equipments and woofer speakers are installed.
Anaerobic exercise equipment Anaerobic exercise equipment It is a state-of-the-art anaerobic exercise equipment which can do strength exercise.
Aerobic exercise equipment Aerobic exercise equipment It is a variety of exercise equipment that can carry out the aerobic exercise to burn body fat.
Pilates equipment Pilates equipment Various tools and props are available to balance your body more effectively than regular pilates.
Powder Room Powder Room It is spacious and comfortable, so you can use it comfortably when you use powder room.
Locker room Locker room There are more than 300 electronic locker rooms, and you can store long clothes without worry.
GX Room GX Room It is a large space where many members can participate, and you can exercise in a more pleasant environment with woofer speakers and lighting.
Screen golf course Screen golf course You will feel the pleasure of golf with a variety of vivid field programs that seem to come out of the open field.